Focus on Giving Medication – Tableting your Dog

Dogs generally are easier to tablet than cats, but there’s always the exceptions to the rule. In this link, as with cats, there are a few tips and tricks in getting those medications into our beloved pooch.

1.  The ‘the treat’ technique:

This is called the ‘treat technique’,  because we want to offer the treats in rapid succession, giving your dog time to gobble and not think!  Choose a treat that your dog loves, e.g.  Cooked chicken, sausage, pill pocket or cheese. (NB: avoid the cheese if your dog shouldn’t have high fat foods, eg they have pancreatitis or obesity.)

Offer the first treat, let them chew but before they’re finished, feed the next piece with the tablet in it,  then very quickly offer the next treat. The aim of this is to have them swallow the medication before they’ve had time to think, because you’ve already offered the next piece of chicken.  Sometimes having extra treats within reach can be helpful if your dog is cheeky and tries to chew around the tablet. Continue offering the treat quickly until it’s gone!

pill pocket

2.    The ‘down the hatch’ technique:

For smaller dogs, using a pet-piller can be helpful in getting the tablet to the back of the tongue. These plastic devices hold the tablet at the far end, and can be used to deposit the tablet at the back of the mouth without having your fingers in the mouth.

For larger dogs, open the mouth and place the tablet as far back in the mouth as possible (as  described for cats).  Usually when placed in the correct location, your pet will instinctively swallow. However, it is always nice to offer your dog their favourite treat as a reward for taking the tablet.

View this tutorial online: