All Animals

Our clinic is open seven days a week so it should be easy to find regular appointment times that suit. But we understand that emergencies can happen during times we are closed. Please know that if you are a client of VetsOne, our team is still caring for you and your animals then by our after-hours emergency service. This can be accessed by calling the clinic number (06 8788666) as you would to make any appointment. You will be given a message explaining we are closed and then given the option to press (1) for a companion animal vet or (2) for a production animal/equine vet. Make your selection and your call will be diverted to our fully qualified on-call veterinarians. They will ask some questions and help you decide if your concern is an after-hours emergency and if so, will make arrangements to meet you at the clinic (companion animal) or visit you on farm (production and equine). Please note that our on-line booking option is not suitable for after-hours emergencies.

Typical emergencies include (but not limited to); poisonings, acute traumas including car accidents, vomiting several times over a short period, eye traumas, heat stroke, respiratory distress, collapse and extreme lethargy, whelpings, horse colics, choke, calvings and stitch ups.

This service is available; after-hours and on public holidays including any COVID level. Please note that our after-hours service rates are different to our normal rates. For this reason, our duty vet will help you decide if there is a true emergency or not when you call.