Focus on Giving Medication – Tableting your Cat

We who have cats, know how difficult it is getting tablets into them.  In this article is advise and tips to try and combat this very real struggle with our beloved moggy’s.

  • Make sure you understand how to give the medication before you leave the clinic and carefully read the label before starting to give the medication at home.
  • If the medication is a capsule or crushable tablet, these can be added to a small amount of wet food.  Otherwise, you will have to place the medication down the cat’s mouth.
  • Firstly, choose an easy place to hold your cat and make sure your cat is locked inside and can’t do a runner. Have the pill handy so it will be readily accessible.
  • If you are administering the medication on your own, you may find it easiest to place the cat on your lap, facing away from you. You may need to restrain your cat by wrapping it in a blanket with only the head exposed. If someone is around, ask them to hold the cat on their lap, tail to them and hold both    shoulders firmly but comfortably for the cat.
  • Hold the pill between your thumb and index finger of your dominant hand
  • Gently grasp your cat’s head from above with your other hand, by placing your thumb on one side and your fingers on the other. Tilt its head upwards so that its nose points toward the ceiling. The jaw should drop open slightly.
  • With your pilling hand, use your little finger and ring finger to open your cat’s mouth further by gently putting pressure on the    lower front teeth.
  • Quickly place the pill as far back over the tongue as possible, aiming for the middle.
  • Close the cats mouth and hold it closed while you return the head to a normal position.
  • Watch to ensure your cat has swallowed. A small syringe of water can help some cats to swallow the pill, as can stroking their throat to encourage swallowing.

Check out this tutorial link: