Focus on Giving Medication – Ear Treatment

  •  If the medication is refrigerated, you may able to warm it up by placing it in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. Do not overheat. Do not microwave the medication. 
  • Draw up the liquid into the dropper or prepare the squeeze bottle as directed.   Hold it with your dominant hand. Gently pull the flap of the ear up and slightly back using your other hand.
  • Very gently place the dropper or medication tip into the opening of the ear canal and move it as far down as comfortable for your pet.
  • Apply the prescribed number of drops into the ear canal, while continuing to hold the ear flap up.
  • Gently rub the base of the ear against the head in a circular motion. You should hear a ‘squishing’ sound as you massage the medication deep into the ear canal.
  • Release the ear and let your pet shake its head. If the medication contains a wax solvent, it will dissolve the debris, which your pet will shake out of the ear. You may gently wipe away any accumulated debris from the ear flap with a tissue or cotton ball.
  • Make sure you give your dog/cat plenty of praise throughout the procedure and offer a treat during and after giving the medication. This will make the experience more positive and make it easier to give the medication the next time.

 View this tutorial here: