About the VetsOne Animal Health Centre


Can you believe it – we have been in our new building for almost two years. We have divided the function of the building into these main areas; retail, large animal services, consult including waiting areas, ICU and surgery including diagnostics like imaging, and hospital wards. We have our teams staying in one area each day so they can provide undivided attention to those they are responsible for. For example, we have; a “Treatment vet-nurse team” who look after those animals that come in for work- ups such as lameness xrays, a vet and nurse dedicated to caring for pets whilst they are hospitalised, a surgical team, and two consulting vets and a consulting nurse available for pets coming into the clinic for consults.

All the vets rotate through this roster. This means that your favourite vet may not be consulting the day you come in because they are caring for animals in another area. If who you see matters more than the day you are seen (for example, ongoing care of a case) please ask the reception team so they can book you in on a day the team member is available.