Focus on Summer & Your Pets

We all love Summer (well at least that’s how I feel) with the longer, warmer days, beautiful flowers and relaxing holidays, however, for dogs especially,   Summer can bring challenges. Many of these can be mitigated or avoided entirely with a little knowledge, preparation and alternative action from their owners.

Heat Stroke:

Dogs don’t do well if they are out in the Summer Sun for too long because panting isn’t a very efficient way to cool air.   This is worsened if; your dog being trapped in a car with little fresh air,

  • your dog is overweight or long haired,
  • your dog is being exercised at the time,
  • your dog doesn’t have ready access to fresh drinking water, or
  • your dog being brachycephalic (short/flat nosed, which makes panting even less efficient at cooling your dog down).

So it makes sense, that avoiding heat stroke is best done by  minimising the risk factors listed above.

If your pet does show signs of heat stroke (excessive panting and drooling, followed by un-coordination,    followed by not being able to get up) you should immediately place them in a cool environment and call us for assistance. Do not ice your dog, as cooling should be done in a controlled way to avoid further shock.


Bee Stings:

Along with new flowers comes more bees. Each year we get calls about (predominately) puppies who have chased and then been stung by a bee in or near their mouth. Typical signs might be; pawing at their mouth, whimpering or even swelling of the face. Most dogs will recover with only an injured pride and will learn after one sting, but the biggest concern is the potential for an allergic reaction that impacts on their breathing. Our advice would be to contact the clinic if you know this has happened.



As we book our Summer holidays, don’t  forget that your pet/s will need up to date vaccinations if they are staying in a cattery or boarding kennels. For dogs, this will include an recent kennel cough, even of their parvo/core vaccine is up to date. If you are in any doubt whether your pet is up to date and kennel ready, you can contact our Customer Care team for an update on your pet’s vaccination status. Please don’t leave this to the last minute, as vaccines need 7-14 days to take effect. (Also just a quick reminder that VetsOne has it’s own Cattery, with the advantage of nurses in attendance—great for those that need a little extra care!  We are now fully booked for Christmas, but you are welcome to inspect or ask for our brochure if you would like more information for future bookings).


Also, just to let you know that we have a GrabOne promotion available up until the New Year to help you if your pet does need updating with their vaccinations. Go online and check it out!