Easy Flea Treatment Just Got Easier!

Bravecto is already a trusted and recommended name in flea treatment of our pets, with extended flea control using either a chew (dogs only) or an application on the neck (dogs and cats).

Now, treating fleas in dogs has become even easier, with the options being extended to an injection that  will continue to work for a whole year. “Bravecto Quantum” has been proven to start killing fleas  within 48 hours of the injection and then having  sustained kill for 365 days. So now your flea control can be easily matched with your pet’s annual health check and then – no more worry for the rest of the  year. The only negative we can say about this product is that it isn’t available for cats!!!  Bravecto Quantum will be available some time in the New Year through your trusted Veterinary Clinic. 


Register your interest in Bravecto Quantum now, and we will notify you when it is available at VetsOne.  We will then invite you to a special introductory price of  20% off for one week after you are notified