Hyperthyroidism is a health condition caused by an ‘over-active’ thyroid gland and is one of the most common hormonal disorders of older cats. Clinical signs include changes in behaviour, weight loss, increased appetite & thirst, and potentially life threatening damage to major organs such as the heart & kidneys. Daily tablets or topicals to manage hyperthyroidism can be difficult to administer and are required for the rest of the cat’s life, along with close monitoring and regular blood tests to ensure the correct dose is being used. Importantly, these medications are only ‘controlling’ not ‘curing’ the condition and it can become more difficult to manage with time.

Radioactive iodine treatment is recognised world-wide as being the gold standard treatment for hyperthyroid cats. After being administered as an injection under the skin, the radiation is concentrated in the thyroid gland, painlessly destroying the overactive tissue whilst having no adverse effects on the rest of the body. In about 98% of cats a single treatment is curative. Furthermore studies have shown that the life expectancy of hyperthyroid cats treated with radioiodine is longer than those treated with daily medical management. When you take into consideration all the costs required for medically managing a hyperthyroid cat over a one year period, the cost is about equivalent to the single curative treatment usually required with radioactive iodine.

VetsOne are now offering radioactive iodine treatment for hyperthyroid cats at their Hastings clinic. This service is available by referral through your regular veterinarian only. Talk to them about the pro’s and con’s of treatment first, and if you decide to go ahead they will arrange for your cats information to be sent through to us prior to making a booking. Information sheets & Consent Forms for clients, as well as Referral Forms for veterinarians are available via the links below:

Client Information – Hyperthyroidism in cats

Client Information – Radioactive Iodine (I-131) treatment for hyperthyroidism

Client Information – Consent Form for Radioactive Iodine (I-131) treatment

Veterinary Information – Referral Form for Radioactive Iodine (I-131) treatment